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IBM’s journey towards responsible AI adoption with AI Verify

IBM, the multinational technology giant headquartered in Armonk, New York, is renowned for many of its innovative technology solutions, including AI. One of IBM's key offerings is Industry Accelerators, a comprehensive set of tools that enable users to analyse data, build models, and display results to tackle common business issues.

IBM is dedicated to developing and promoting trustworthy AI – AI that is transparent, explainable, fair, and secure. The company believes that ethical AI practices are essential for building public trust in AI systems. IBM also advocates for the adoption of industry-wide standards and best practices for AI development and deployment. As part of its ongoing commitment to ethical AI, joining AI Verify international pilot was a natural step for IBM.

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From beta testing to success: how SIA takes responsible AI implementation to the next level with AI Verify

Singapore Airlines (SIA), the national carrier of Singapore, is one of the world's leading airlines dedicated to providing air transportation services of the highest quality. Innovation is at the heart of SIA's brand promise, enabling them to offer world-leading products and services while creating new business opportunities. To enhance customer experience and operational efficiency, the airline developed AI-powered solutions for customer-facing and operational applications. One such solution is Joey.

SIA piloted AI Verify testing framework on Joey:

  • AI model: Question-Answering model
  • Use Case: Joey – HR Chatbot

Introducing Joey, SIA’s first chatbot developed in-house for HR-related queries. Launched in April 2021, Joey uses Smart Search technology to provide fast and accurate responses, improving efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility in HR processes by:

  • Providing staff with access to HR-related information to self-serve their queries anytime, anywhere in the world. This improves employee satisfaction.
  • Freeing up time for HR staff to focus on more value-added tasks.

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Taking Initiative to Contribute to AI Verify Development

UBS, an international financial institution, implements AI solutions in various areas including fraud detection, trade, activity surveillance, and more to improve operational efficiency. To build trust with its clients and investors, UBS participated in the international pilot of AI Verify, aligning with its values to manage risks and gain the benefits of responsible and ethical AI The bank believed that it could:

  • Help shape the foundational work in responsible AI practices and develop AI data governance definitions
  • Assess the requirements of AI governance and be more prepared by testing AI Verify framework
  • Gain reputational goodwill

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