AI-Powered EV charging driven by ethics: the STRIDES Digital approach with AI Verify

STRIDES Digital, the business arm of SMRT Corporation Ltd, is harnessing the power of AI to revolutionise the way we approach electric vehicle (EV) charging. By using AI to predict the occupancy status of EV charging points, STRIDES Digital is empowering businesses to arrive at impactful outcomes on their decarbonisation journey.

The AI model analyses spatial and temporal characteristics to generate probability scores that represent the occupancy level of charging points. These scores are then translated into different crowd levels, providing all stakeholders with the information they need:

Stakeholder What they need
EV Drivers Effectively plan their charging needs by considering the likelihood of finding an available charging point nearby
Charge Point Operators Better identify optimal locations for installing charging points and ensure the charging demands of the public are efficiently met
Vehicle Fleet Companies Enable seamless integration of vehicle charging requirements into the overall fleet operation schedule, ensuring EVs are charged and readily available

STRIDES Digital piloted AI Verify Minimum Viable Product on the EV charging station model

  • AI Model: Binary Classification Model
  • Use Case: EV Charger Management – Predicting Short-term Occupancy Status of Charging Points

STRIDES Digital’s positive experience with AI Verify

Following a successful collaboration with a business partner to pilot AI Verify in June 2023, STRIDES Digital believes that

  • AI Verify’s focus areas and principles serve as the foundational framework and best practice for its AI journey, enabling the application of responsible AI.
  • From a testing perspective, the installation instructions were clearly articulated, easy to follow and the team encountered no issues in setting up the testing. The toolkit’s interface at the point of access is user-friendly and intuitive. The toolkit also offers a standardised process that prioritises accountability, fairness, and impartiality, shaping the approach to building an ethical AI. This is especially pertinent when the outcomes of AI impact people.
  • During the piloting phase, STRIDES Digital encountered some compatibility issues between the AI Verify toolkit and the newer Python libraries they employed. Despite this challenge, STRIDES Digital successfully resolved the issue and will be incorporating the latest testing framework into their future AI development. For STRIDES Digital, this step is crucial for ensuring the responsible use of AI in its digital solutions.

STRIDES Digital firmly believes in the importance of fostering trustworthy AI in its digital solutions, aligning with its fundamental principle of “Do Right, Do Good, and Do Well”. The company’s dedication to ethical practices in the use of AI is evident through the incorporation of AI Verify testing framework.

AI Verify provides a comprehensive guide that clearly outlines the objectives and risks associated with the intended tasks of their AI system. By integrating AI Verify testing framework into its AI development, STRIDES Digital is better able to ensure responsible data handling and the use of AI is applied for legitimate and ethical purposes. This alignment reinforces STRIDES Digital’s commitment to “Do Right”, fostering greater trust with its stakeholders.



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