Collaboration with MLCommons​

AI Verify Foundation and MLCommons inked a Memorandum of Intent to develop a common set of benchmarks, tools, and testing approaches for generative AI models. Leveraging the expertise and network of both organisations, we aim to advance the recognition of these Safety Benchmarks globally.

This marks our first step to advance global testing standards for AI safety. The collaboration is a pioneering effort to develop safety benchmarks for generative AI.

Peter Mattson, President of MLCommons and Dr Ong Chen Hui, Chair of Foundation’s Governing Committee signed an MOI on 29 May 2024
By leveraging the expertise and resources of Foundation and MLCommons, we aim to develop robust benchmarks that will set a new standard for AI safety. Both organisations will contribute towards the Safety Benchmarks, collaborate to engage our network of partners and communities, and promote the Safety Benchmarks globally.

You can use Project Moonshot to access and test v0.5 of the Safety Benchmark as well as contribute benchmarks.

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