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Why do we need the AI Verify Foundation?

AI is fast evolving and a game changer, but it comes with risks. As the use of AI becomes more prevalent, it is increasingly important for AI developers and users to show that their AI systems are safe and will not result in unintended bias. To do so, AI testing is key. However, the sciences and technologies for AI testing are nascent and there are significant gaps in AI testing and evaluation. We cannot develop AI testing alone. Industry and research community need to come together and leverage their collective expertise to crowd-in on development efforts.

Who are the members of the Foundation?

View the full list of members here. The premier members are Aicadium, Google, Microsoft, IBM, IMDA, Redhat, and Salesforce.

How can I join and participate in the Foundation?

Anyone can contribute to AI Verify.

As an organisation, find out how you can get involved as a member.

As an individual, find out how you can participate in the community.

Who can use AI Verify?
Anyone can use AI Verify:

  • AI system owners who wish to validate their AI systems’ performances against internationally accepted AI governance principles
  • Technology solution providers, AI developers, and researchers looking to contribute new algorithms for testing AI and templates to AI Verify to make it better for the future use cases
  • Service providers interested to use AI Verify to offer AI testing and advisory services
  • Companies that want to integrate AI Verify as part of your products, AI Verify is open-sourced under a permissive license (Apache 2.0) so you can integrate the tool into your systems or build on top of it
How is AI Verify designed?
AI Verify consists of a testing framework and a software toolkit.

The framework is aligned with internationally recognised AI ethics principles, guidelines, and frameworks, such as those from the EU, OECD and Singapore. The framework comprises 11 AI ethics principles, namely transparency, explainability, repeatability/reproducibility, safety, security, robustness, fairness (i.e., mitigation of unintended discrimination), data governance, accountability, human agency & oversight, and inclusive growth, societal & environmental well-being.

The framework also contains testable criteria and testing processes for each of the principles. The scope of the testable criteria may overlap and could reinforce concepts that are important in ensuring trustworthy and transparent deployment of AI.

The toolkit is designed to be extensible which provides the ability to test and evaluate AI models from a black-box perspective. It was primarily designed to serve as an audit and testing tool, supporting both third-party independent testing and self-assessment.
How to download and use AI Verify?

For an overview of AI Verify, download the primer here.
For the AI Verify toolkit, please go to GitHub.
For further details, read more about AI Verify here.

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Your AI Verify use case – Could you share the AI model and use case that was tested with AI Verify? Which version of AI Verify did you use?


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Your experience with AI Verify – Could you share your journey in using AI Verify? For example, preparation work for the testing, any challenges faced, and how were they overcome? How did you find the testing process? Did it take long to complete the testing?


Your key learnings and insights – Could you share key learnings and insights from the testing process? For example, 2 to 3 key learnings from the testing process? Any actions you have taken after using AI Verify?


Your thoughts on trustworthy AI – Why is demonstrating trustworthy AI important to your organisation and to any other organisations using AI systems? Would you recommend AI Verify? How does AI Verify help you demonstrate trustworthy AI?
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